Last Chance to Book Swazi Safari Specials

March 16, 2015

renameBook  your accommodation now and save up to 30% off at Big Game Parks’ Hlane Royal National Park, Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary, Mkhaya Game Reserve and Reilly’s Rock Hilltop Lodge before the end of March 2015.  Do not forget there is also a wide variety of activities to do.


To book call (+268) 2528 3943/4 or email

Free entry with a WILD Card

Day Three: End Your Expedition Africa Stay at Hlane With More Adventure

February 20, 2015

expedition africaConclude your adventurous stay at Hlane Royal National Park on a high note by waking up to a two hour guided game walk early in the morning, then return to a warm breakfast at Ndlovu Camp, and get ready to depart.

Book your Expedition Africa accommodation at Hlane Royal National Park and qualify for up to 30% off on accommodation on our Swazi Safari Specials.

To book your Expedition Africa accommodation, call our Central Reservations office on  (+268) 2528 3943 or email  Daily Conservation fee is E40-00 per person. Entry free for WILD card holders.

Day Two: A Chance to Explore Hlane Royal National Park

February 18, 2015

expedition africaBegin your second day of Expedition Africa with a guided Sunup cycle and return for breakfast at our open air restaurant, facing the waterhole frequently visited by Elephant and Rhino at Ndlovu Camp. After breakfast, this is a time for you to explore Hlane Royal National Park in a self drive and then conclude your day with a rest at Ndlovu Camp’s stunning accommodation.


Daily conservation fee is E40-00 per person. Free entry with a WILD card

Book Your Expedition Africa Accommodation with Big Game Parks

February 13, 2015

file-page1-SSS15WEBBegin your  adventure by staying  at Hlane Royal National Park‘s Ndlovu Camp get up to 30% off on accommodation (Catered or self-catered) for this year’s Expedition Africa . Arrive at Ndlovu Camp and get a chance to see four of Swaziland’s Big Five including Lion, by booking the popular Sunset Game Drive.

Daily conservation fee is E40-00 per person. To book your accommodation call our Central Reservations Office on (+268) 2528 3943 or email

Big Game Parks’ Swazi Safari Specials

January 16, 2015

file-page1-SSS15WEBSave up to 30% on accommodation at Big Game Parks’ Swazi Safari Specials at Hlane Royal National Park, Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary including Reillys Rock Hilltop Lodge and Mkhaya Game Reserve.

Do not forget to bring your WILD card for free entry.

To qualify for the special, quote code SSS15WEB , when making your booking.

Have You Booked Your Christmas Lunch Yet?

December 15, 2014
Big Game Parks Christmas Menu

Big Game Parks Christmas Menu

Have a “Simply Different”   Christmas this  festive on natural surroundings  by booking your Christmas lunch with Big Game ParksHlane Royal National Park, Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary or Mkhaya Game Reserve.

Pre-booking is essential. To book call our Central Reservations Office on +268 2528 3943 or email:

Book now, spaces are limited!

Notice of Change of Normal Rates

December 1, 2014

Big Game ParksPlease note that from the 1st of December 2014 our rates change to 2014-2015 rates. For more information on rates visit our website at or email our Central Reservations at

Your 50 For Conservation

November 17, 2014

50Swaziland and BIG GAME PARKS celebrated 50 years of conservation this year! The beginning of this week marked  50 days to the end of the year.  We successfully  launched our “Your 50” campaign at Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary on Monday 10th November, attended by media and conservation ambassadors from Hlabazonkhe Primary School and Malindza High School.

Big Game Parks has contributed 50- years to Swazi conservation.  What is Your50?

We invite you to contribute to Swaziland’s conservation through participation. Big Game Parks challenges everyone to get creative and choose 50 ways in which to make a difference to our environment before the end of 2014. Pledge Your 50 and Challenge your neighbour!


Visit our Facebook page Big Game Park  for ideas – and share yours!

Tweet us @BigGameParks

WWF Launches NOVEL CHI CAMPAIGN in Vietnam on World Rhino Day

September 26, 2014

ChiWWF-SA Rhino Programme Manager, Dr Jo Shaw announced the launch of their new behavior change campaign, strategically aimed at the new users of rhino horn.  She stated “It is imperative to work along the entire illicit supply chain, from rhino to consumer if we hope to win the war.”  A lot of work has been done along this chain, but the demand continues to spike.

13 South African rhino were poached in 2007.  In 2013, 1004 rhino were poached.  On 11th September 2014, South Africa’s Department of Environmental Affairs announced 769 rhino had been poached this year. Novel Chi means “Power Comes From Our Will”.  Chi is Power or Strength.  The campaign is a collaborative effort conducted by WWF-SA, TRAFFIC and PSI, a social marketing group with experience in behavior change.  It is based on intense research into the behavior of rhino horn users and the various approaches taken to date. 

“Experience has now shown that positive messaging coming from within the target group is the most powerful way to change behavior,” says Shaw.

Images of rhino carcasses and mutilated rhino have little impact.  Appeals for the rhino as a species have little impact.  Targeting the emotional motivators driving the new age user – Vietnamese men aged 35–50 – is essential.  This group is highly susceptible to admiration within their peer groups and business circles.  Business success, social standing and lifestyle are most valued.  Rhino horn has become evidence of wealth, elevated social status and is a highly prized corporate gift, all leading to the recent spike in horn demand.

More concerning are the “Intenders” group.  These are young urban men eager to climb the social ladder quickly, are hugely money conscious and aspirational.  They mimic the behavior of their seniors in order to gain social recognition.  As they can afford horn, they enter the market.   A rapid growth in purchasing power in Asian economies has increased the pressure on rhino.  This “intenders” group indicates a potential 300 – 400% growth in horn market. The traditional medicinal use of horn has remained relatively constant and is now a small percentage. 

It is essential to target behavior change within the current social and corporate users, reduce aspiration and therefore demand.  The campaign appeals to this market through strong messages linked to strong aspirational images that depict the target audience – businessmen in suits.  This is a complete divergence from traditional conservation messaging.

This campaign is part of WWF-SA’s 5-point approach:

  1. Building resilient rhino populations
  2. Developing community buffers around rhino conservation areas
  3. Supporting Forensic and Judicial chain
  4. Support National Policies in rhino range states
  5. Curb trade and demand



Big Game Parks wishes WWF-SA, TRAFFIC and PSI every success in this campaign.


#My3RhinoWords Competition!

September 22, 2014

#My3RhinoWords - FB

In just 3 words, what do you think of rhino?




 Either create an electronic jpeg or a hard copy, scan and post it on your Facebook.

  1. Take a piece of paper
  2. Write #My3RhinoWords prominently
  3. Write your 3 words
  4. Add a rhino picture – drawn or a photo
  5. Scan or photograph this and post it on your facebook page
  6. By Thursday 2, take a screen shot of your page showing the number of shares your #My3RhinoWords post generated and send it through to
  7. The person with the most shares will win a night for their family at Hlane Royal National Park. If the highest number is shared by more than one person, the winner will be drawn.
  8. T’s & C’s Apply
  9. Have fun!


Twitter                        #My3RhinoWords      @biggameparks


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